by bauer on July 7, 2020

OK, Boomer here, I’ve got something to say, so, please, shut the frak up and listen. First, history.

My forebears, ORIGINAL German and Welsh immigrants, on my father’s side, fought for the NORTH in the Civil War. Quick history lesson: THE SOUTH LOST. THE NORTH WON.

So much for history. Want to talk about tradition? Values? REPUBLICAN Values? OK. Let’s go back to the first true Republic, the Roman Republic. The FIRST NORTH. They defeated their SOUTH, Carthage. What did the NORTH do after they WON? They took the 50,000 survivors in the city prisoner, evacuated it, burnt it, razed it to the ground and salted the barren earth left behind. Sherman shouldn’t have stopped in Savannah. He should have burned every single city in the South and gone straight into Texas, confiscating every single plantation along the way, starting with Tara. How’s that for some solid Republican values? I’d be good with that. Today’s sniveling version can’t even hold the line on the deficit.

Monuments? Sure! I’m from Lancaster, 30 miles or so north-east of Gettysburg PA. We have a stone monument smack in the center of the city honored by the statues of four UNION soldiers. There shouldn’t be a SINGLE Confederate memorial ANYWHERE (excepting Gettysburg). There should NEVER have been a military institution named after TRAITORS, let alone after the INCOMPETENT COWARDS that were among them. Leave Mount Rushmore alone. Finish Crazy Horse.

So, what did we get by not adhering to SOLID values? The line of the CRAVEN runs straight from Fort Sumter, right through the White League and the Red Shirts, the so-called Redeemers, and, ultimately, of course, the KKK. These FESTERING VERMIN invented the Eight Box and Jim Crow Laws, denying the right to vote to educated African-Americans while sneaking in their illiterate offspring to the voting rolls because their traitorous grandfathers could vote before they betrayed United States of America. And the SLIME continued to seep in through a “Peace Jubilee” on the Fourth of July, 1913, the sesquicentennial of their defeat at Gettysburg and these BASTARDS hold a White Supremacy reunion on that sacred ground on that sacred date. From there, all the way through the rest of the 20th century, popping out into the 21st - the THIRD millennium, a SHADOW CONFEDERACY has been spread, slowly, deliberately, over the centuries, across the country, so that we can no longer make out the bright light of that shining city on the hill. Puts the “DEEP STATE” to utter shame.

Now, here’s the really fun part. Civil War II? We’d send them a Tik-Tok but why bother. They’ve already LOST. This time at the hands of the Chinese (well, actually, just one Chinese - dude’s name is Sun-Tzu). It’s over before it ever began. It’s taken 7 score and 17 but a a second VIRTUAL SHERMAN’S MARCH is finally razing their way of life, from their monuments to the very police forces they started to catch runaway slaves and through which their PSYCHOPATHS still roam. Their “SHOCK TROOPS” can wear all the Hawai’ian shirts and burn all the tiki torches they want. It’s like that old saying never bring a GUN to a KNIFE fight, only this time it’s only a RETARD brings an AK to a pandemic. Doesn’t really matter as the SALVAGEABLE among them will step back, trade the AK in for a Margarita, keep a MASK on in between sips, and join the UNION.

We’re facing a threat to the SPECIES that requires simple COOPERATION. It’s what rational, adult members of SAPIENS do, what we’ve always done, to move forward.

For those descendants of the FOREEVER DAMNED that can’t do even that, then just STEP OFF. There is no “Radical Left”, no “Jewish Conspiracy”, no “Deep State.” Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Whigs. Labels. A Bourbon by any other name will cloud your thinking. What we all need right now are clear minds and rational thought based on SCIENCE (that PEER reviewed stuff) to cooperate with one another for the safety of our SPECIES and the ENTIRE PLANET as a whole.

If you can just step back, take a minute, and come join us. We need to RAZE the past and and BUILD the FUTURE and we NEED EVERYONE.

If you can’t STEP FORWARD then STEP OFF. But have no FEAR. We’re not going to attack you. We’re kinda BUSY.

DON’T THINK for a Planck second that we’re just a bunch of COASTAL MARXIST COMMIE TERRORIST FAIRIES flitting around some cave hiding the RADICAL LEFT, though.

No, we’re a large and growing coordinated group of rational adult SAPIENS who are WATCHING, PLANNING, and TRAINING to handle all of YOUR BULLSHIT.

We will STAND TO. We will STAND FOR the UNION OF OUR SPECIES. And we will STAND ON your gurgling THROATS while THE BLOOD OF EDEN pours from your veins if you STAND AGAINST.

Because we DO IT. We do it for the UNION.


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