Modern, Medieval, Ancient

by bauer on June 13, 2016

I was thinking the other day, watching the eulogies for Muhammed Ali, that that’s the Modern America. All faiths - and none - commemorating a Being, a Human Being, in resonant celebration. Before I could post my thoughts about how this was counter to Trump’s campaign to Make America White Again, Orlando happened. I reflected upon the Medieval Monstrosity that is Radical Islamism, and their inspiration to turn back Humanity a millennium. I dwelled upon the Trump doctrine, the thought of killing the family of that racist, homophobic animal. I thought back further, to the dawn of civilization, when the ruling elite butchered entire villages, rolled severed heads down pyramids for days on end, bathed in their blood, and wore their skins as cloaks - all while taking the finest hallucinogens and singing songs of retribution. I feel the draw of the ancient. But then I feel that draw slip away. This was one perverted, sick “humanimal”. How can a modern civilization respond? By listening to our Founding Fathers: It’s right there in our Constitution. We should only BEAR ARMS IN A WELL-REGULATED MILITIA. AR-15s have no other purpose than killing human beings - THEY ARE ARMS - and they should only be BORNE by members of a WELL-REGULATED MILITIA. An INDIVIDUAL does not have the right to bear arms ALONE. SOMEONE ELSE NEEDS TO VOUCHSAFE THAT INDIVIDUAL - and accept the MORAL responsibility if that individual does what this deranged psychopath did with that weapon. NO MORE INDIVIDUAL OWNERSHIP OF AR-15s. THIS HAS TO STOP. HOW ABOUT IT, NRA? HOW ABOUT STEPPING UP? HOW ABOUT ACCEPTING SOME MORE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS? HOW ABOUT FORMING A WELL-REGULATED MILITIA?

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