We are #OneBoston

by bauer on April 20, 2013

From the first moment the first responders ran towards the bombing site to the last moment of students applauding law enforcement leaving the scene of the ARREST, Bostonians and all in Massachusetts showed the world what it means to be American. The birthplace of our country bestowed upon us our true spirit and it radiated from there these past few days. Apparently, that spirit never permeated these despicable little boys. Truly losers in many ways, as their uncle put most aptly. You want to talk ideals? Freedom, courage, and compassion. I’ll take those any day over any other twisted worldview that drove these punks to take the lives of the innocent, the sweet, the venturous, and the honorable. Somewhere, there’s the feeling that the survivor should be flayed alive, pissed upon, and then burned at the stake. Not here. Maybe in places where they think we staged this, we framed them, we made examples of them in our continuing war on other beliefs. Not here. Here, we will bring the survivor to justice. Here, we will still welcome your tired and your poor. Keep coming, Chechnya. Thanks for being here, Ruslan Tsarni. By all means, keep coming here and share our spirit. But any of you who’ve come here, who’ve felt the American spirit, and don’t like it - then, by all means, please just get the fuck out. We are #OneBoston.

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