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The Distributed Me

by bauer on September 14, 2007

I’ve got a digital split personality to go with my real ones. My “who” is on Facebook, my “what am I doing” is on Twitter, my “where am I going” is on Dopplr and my “who am I linked to professionally” is on LinkedIn. All the while everyone’s watching me surf on, Sxipper is starting to help me keep things straight. If I can figure out how to centrally manage my various pieces of my distributed digital me (and maybe change my stupid picture on all of these sites) I’m going to be a happy puppy. Just like my Sxipper icon. :)


New Site

by bauer on August 15, 2007

Koano is my little one-man-shop while I’m on a leave of absence. Gives a little sense of my professional background.


New World

by bauer on August 4, 2007

Taking a leave of absence and doing a little consulting. Helping companies develop monetization strategies around next generation Internet ventures.


Local Guides History

by bauer on May 17, 2007

I thought it might be interesting to add a little more to Perry’s history about Local Guides . We’ll see how much of all this history makes sense to post but I thought you might be interested in knowing that we put up an early experimental live site using baseline concepts in localguides up under Great learning experiment. One of the main things we tried in was the use of an intermediate list concept. You can just go to the site and start adding things to a list. From the list, you could create a guide. This seemed like a good idea at the time but we found under usability testing that it was getting in the way - people understood a “guide” fundamentally well enough to start creating them straight away.


Local Guides

by bauer on May 16, 2007

We (Local Matters, Inc.) launched Local Guides today. It’s essentially a site that allows people to create simple narratives of local experiences and then publish and share them. This space is very crowded but we think we have something that is positioned really well. It’s more than just simple ratings and reviews or personalized maps. Yet it’s not some full-blown general purpose tool like blogging software. It’s focused on local places and businesses and helping people tell their stores about places to go, things to do and maybe even people to meet. More will be posted here but just wanted to say that Jeannette McClennan gave us the leadership and discipline to create a site that was focused on what we could determine were the honest needs of consumers and that filled a discrete niche in the industry. More can be found at Perry Evans, CEO of LMI’s blog.


Semantic Web and Freebase

by bauer on March 10, 2007

Tim O’Reilly put out a post on Freebase and I summarized it over at Figuring out how to enable the collaborative extension of the structure and dynamics of content - and not just the content itself - promises to be a powerful force. Clay Shirky’s opinion aside.


Whole Internet Catalog

by bauer on October 31, 2006

It was fun to see a post about Legacy of The Whole Earth Catalog and its Internet derivative The Whole Internet User’s Guide and Catalog. It was my first big break on starting my own business on the Net. I’ll always be indebted to Tim O’Reilly for giving me my chance to build on Ed Krol’s work in the creation of the Global Network Navigator, the predecessor to Yahoo. This was the first site to sell a banner ad to Heller, Ehrman, White and McAuliffe. I’m sure I sold an ad to Nordic Track soon after that on the site. A little confused, though. The “official” wikipedia history has GNN starting in May of 93 but I thought it was later in the year and this announcement seems to support that.

According to Tim: “By the way, the very first person to cut a check for internet advertising was Dan Appelman of Silicon Valley law firm Heller, Ehrman, White and McAuliffe. He paid $5000 for the privilege of setting up the first company sponsored section on GNN.”